Do you hold it close to your heart?

I'm disgusted by your heartless smirk

I aim to kill it

Please whisper the words of truth

To the immortal ignorance

Does the cold really burn my skin?

Can you really say that the darkness is nothing

But is it right to hurt you

When you really feel the pain

When your victims scream

And you soak your hands with blood

Is it because you love to push

The people that you love and loves you too?

Is it that you want to run away from the unescapable, destined


Of being betrayed and disappointed

Does that pain cut a deep wound in your


Do you sit in that corner

With your knees close to your


Don't Run

Don't Cry

Don't Lie

And please

Don't Die

This will be my tale. My Story. My FATEEdit

What do you want to know? How did you get here. Who are you. Come now, try to remember?



I am Uriel. I reside in this body. This vessel. You are like this vessel. Human. Let's call him Kuristan. He is humn, but unlike you, he has a gift. That is why he is my vessel.

Huh? You know my name? As you might know, I'm the archangel who domains over fire. But that is just a minor detail. I am the not the only one that resides in Kuristan. There are others. They are here because of that day.

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